Park Terrace

Resort Style Senior Living

At Park Terrace Senior Living, our pedigree as a destination hotel lingers in the air. Grand-kids splashing in the pools. A pianist playing in the lobby. True to our roots as an Embassy Suites, you’ll find an experienced chef in our restaurant and a cocktail waiting for you at our Happy Hour receptions. All the while, our experienced staff takes care of the chores.

Of course, this is more than vacation living — it’s your home. With a comfortable apartment furnished just the way you like and friendly neighbors next door, life goes on as you please. Once you’re settled in, you’ll see there’s a real sense of community that just feels like home. Friends linger over a great meal. Neighbors walk dogs, play cards and catch a baseball game.

While we’re beaming with pride about our refreshing take on senior living in Phoenix, we think you’ll find our practical side especially appealing in retirement. To simplify things, we’ve streamlined your costs into one fee. Like being on a cruise, everything is included — meals, entertainment, and utilities in an affordable month-to-month rent.


Park Terrace Senior Living of Prescott Valley offers residents the chance to engage with young people in the greater Prescott community. Through these intergenerational interactions, the young in body and the young at heart can help each other learn new ways to navigate their life’s journey.


Whether you or your loved one is in search of the extra help offered by assisted living or you’re looking for the care and support of a modern, holistic memory care program, Park Terrace Senior Living of Prescott Valley helps residents feel confident and secure.


Our comprehensive programs and activities are designed to support our residents’ well-being. These promote mental and physical wellness, nutrition, learning, and social opportunities that spark joy.


Park Terrace Senior Living  is founded upon a deep respect, honor, and commitment to each individual resident. We recognize the skill, knowledge and passion our residents have to offer and our intent is to create an environment with rich and diverse opportunities, activities and experiences. Park Terrace is a community that embraces local traditions, interests and intergenerational relationships while encouraging physical, intellectual, creative and social independence.