March 14, 2020


Our top priority with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is to prevent the virus from entering our community and spreading.  Our population has underlying health concerns and it has been shown that they are extremely susceptible to the most acute stages of the virus. Therefore, Park Terrace is following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and guidelines.

We have limited the entry into our community to include the following:

  • Individuals needed to keep operations running and assure resident’s needs are met; typically, this would include employees, physicians and nurse practitioners, emergency contractors and healthcare consultants.
  • Government regulators or other government officials.
  • Resident’s immediate family who need to visit for critical or time sensitive reasons, such as hospice related visits, for whom these visits are a significant aspect of their treatment plan should be by appointment only. Prior management authorization necessary.
  • Routine social visits by family/ friends is not permitted.

Park Terrace has stopped all group activities and will be stopping communal dining. All meals will be delivered to the resident’s in their apartments.

We understand the importance of staying in close communication with your friends/family so we suggest communicating via telephone, email, text, facetime or skype.

Prior to entering the building, everyone including staff will have their temperature checked, and pass a health and travel screening at the guard gate.

We thank you for understanding the importance of keeping our residents in our community safe.

Warm Regards,


Park Terrace Management

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