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Choosing the right community for yourself or a loved one can be a challenging process. Finding ways to pay for the right
community shouldn’t have to be.

While Park Terrace Senior Living  is not providing you financial advice, we can help you become aware of the
financial resources and options available.**

VA Pensions are available to U.S. Military veterans and widowed spouses of veterans. Pension benefits are needs-based, and your “countable” family income must fall below the yearly limit set by Congress.

Aid and Attendance is a VA pension for qualified veterans or spouses of veterans who require the aid and attendance of another person. Financial qualifications for Aid and Attendance are different than financial qualifications for the basic pension alone. Some people who qualify for Aid and Attendance even though they would not have qualified solely for the basic pension. For more information click here.

This financial option can be used to pay for immediate care needs, all health conditions are accepted, there are no wait periods, no care limitations, no costs or obligations to apply, no requirements. LTCI plans will help pay for long-term care costs.

A convenient financing option. A flexible line of credit options is ideal for those who need rent or care support while waiting for other benefits to begin or are in the process of selling a home. Find out more at

A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a third party for more than it’s cash surrender value but less than it’s death benefit.

**This information is provided to help you become aware of resources and is not considered advice and is not guaranteed to be accurate or current information. Please seek out the specific resources to get up to date information that may be an option for you.