Advice for staying fit in your older years

When it comes to fitness, everyone needs a little expert advice and motivation now and then. How about this for instant motivation? Cardio fitness predicts a longer life, according to the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Poor fitness poses a comparable mortality risk as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and smoking.

Whether you’re looking to step up your exercise or want to start exercising for the first time, the Cleveland Clinic has some great advice for seniors. Here are our favorite tips from the Clinic gathered together in the form of frequently asked questions. Be sure to read the full articles for more information.

Regular physical exercise helps maintain good health and physical independence. A 2011 study showed even 15 minutes of walking a day can add three to five years of life.

Building an exercise routine takes time. Slowly incorporate exercise into your weekly routine, starting with a reasonable amount you can build on. Eventually, you should be able to incorporate some type of physical activity into every day.

What activities do you enjoy? Exercise should not be looked at primarily as a chore. Finding activities that interest you is important because you are more likely to maintain them long term.

Healthful physical activities:

  • Aerobic (endurance) exercises such as walking, swimming and low impact dancing improve heart and lung function.
  • Resistive (strengthening) exercises (after medical clearance) such as weight machines or elastic bands help to maintain strong bones, increase metabolism, and achieve or maintain a higher level of function.
  • Tai chi and senior yoga help with balance, strength and flexibility.
  • What else do I need to know?

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, consider a personal trainer for proper technique with weights and stretching. Before starting an exercise program, it is important to talk with your doctor to determine any limitations you may have in regards to exercise. Exercise can be safe for almost anyone. However, certain limitations may be placed on individuals with chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain pulmonary conditions, among others.

Ready to take the Cleveland Clinic’s advice? Park Terrace’s vacation-style senior living can help.

At Park Terrace, it’s easy to stay active and keep fit all year long. Like being on vacation, our resort lifestyle even makes it fun. You can soak up the sunshine and fresh air while swimming, splashing with grandkids, and enjoying water aerobics in our two beautiful pools.

You can take a relaxing evening stroll or an invigorating morning walk on trails that wind around our lush landscape. Walking is a great way to catch up with friends and neighbors, and squeeze in some exercise at the same time.

Inside our clubhouse, you’ll find an impressive, fully equipped 1,500-square-foot fitness studio with treadmills, bicycles, stair climbers, a strength-training machine, free weights and resistance bands. Park Terrace’s fitness studio is open 24/7, giving you unlimited access to meet your schedule and workout preferences.

If you prefer the camaraderie and motivation of group exercise, Park Terrace offers a variety of one-hour fitness classes scheduled throughout the week such as yoga, tai chi, chair exercise and basic fitness.

“We offer exercise classes based on what residents say they want. In fact, we’re in the process of adding a dance class,” explained activities director, Sara Bryant.

The best part — at Park Terrace, you don’t have to pay for fitness classes or a gym membership. It’s all covered by your monthly rent.

If you like the idea of active, vacation-style senior living, we invite you to come by and explore all of our community’s wellness opportunities. You’re sure to find that the combination of exercise classes, outdoor activities and amenities, and our 24/7 fitness studio provide everything you need to increase your strength, balance and cardiac health, and feel good all year long.

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