Why Resort-Style Senior Living is the Best Option

Senior resort living has become a growing trend among people who are at retirement age and older. People are living longer, staying more active, and leading healthier lifestyles. As the population of seniors continues to grow, their taste for a better lifestyle during the last half of their lives is growing too!

There are lots of articles out there on aging and what the growing number of baby boomers reaching retirement age means to the medical industry. For most of us, medical conditions and disabilities are some of the first things that come to mind when we think of “the elderly.” Too often, younger adults don’t realize that their aging parents, grandparents, or loved ones still have some of their best living to do!

It’s funny how different your perspective about aging is as you approach the age that most people consider old. For many seniors, they still have the ability to do a lot of the same things they always have done. The aging process is gradual and many people feel much younger than they actually are. Seniors certainly don’t want to lose their quality of life just because of their age. One of the advantages of senior resort living is that it is designed for seniors who are still active. There’s plenty to do and enjoy. It’s about living a lifestyle that they always dreamed they would.

What Are Your Choices in Senior Living?

Until recent years, the choice for seniors was between aging in place and going to a nursing home. It’s a well-established fact that most seniors want to stay in their own homes. For those with some mental and physical conditions, the move to senior living became inevitable. It was also a family member such as an adult child or grandchild who made the call.

Later, the choice came to include assisted living services either in the home or at a senior facility. The best choice for the person depended on their abilities and the level of care they needed. A senior with a serious condition that required round the clock medical care might require nursing home care. Those who had some problems with doing every day activities by themselves might manage well with assisted living. They didn’t need someone to do everything for them, but rather to just give them a helping hand.

Senior Resort Living Brings a Lot More Choices to the Mix

Senior resort-style communities don’t just add one more choice to the mix. These communities come with a range of services to accommodate more people with a variety of needs. The homes themselves are specifically geared toward senior living, but the amenities and supportive services are what set one resort apart from the rest.

Each community is unique, from the services they offer to the views residents enjoy. Many seniors who adamantly insist on staying in their home suddenly have the option to live both independently and safely. They have the ability to live in their own, private, personal apartment and enjoy activities and benefits they will never get at home.

resort style senior living

Why Do Seniors Want to Stay at Home?

For some, the house has sentimental value or ownership is an accomplishment they don’t want to give up. Often, it is the freedom of being able to do what they want when they want that keeps them anchored. What many don’t realize is that moving into a community that offers senior resort living will let them have the best of both worlds.

Sometimes seniors decide to stay in their homes as “long as possible” before moving to a retirement or nursing home. During their 50’s and 60’s, they might still be in good health and feel capable of caring for their home. As they grow older, they might lose their spouse and the person they rely on for companionship and financial support. In addition to struggling with activities they’ve always been able to do, they now have the responsibilities that used to belong to their significant other.

Communities change, too. Friends and neighbors move away or pass on. The senior’s neighborhood might lack the security it once provided. House repairs become necessary and the lawn needs to be mowed. The senior might let things go because they can no longer do them alone and there’s no one close by they can trust.

Changes in the person’s physical condition put them at a greater risk of falling and getting hurt. It’s especially worrisome for adult children who live too far away to help. Even those who live close by have families and responsibilities of their own. Insisting on aging in place might put you at a big risk of injury in turn for the freedom to let the dishes stay in the sink when you don’t feel like doing them.

Worries about loved ones becoming sick, falling and getting injured, or being vulnerable to outside threats are also some of the reasons that adult children worry about aging parents that insist on staying at home. There’s no way to monitor them every second of the day. They want to do what is right for their loved one, even if it isn’t what their loved one wants. At the very least, they know they should be there for them.

Senior resort living makes life easier for seniors and for their families. Seniors still have their own house or apartment, but without the upkeep that places such a physical burden on them. Their children and other family members can take confidence in the fact that they have the care they need when they need it.

Senior Resort Living Offers Long-Lasting Benefits

Resort living for seniors offers advantages that make it appealing at an earlier age. Today, many seniors aged 55 and older make the choice to move into a luxury community either alone or with a spouse. They want the freedom to live in their home while also getting the level of medical care or assistance they need.

One of the problems, when choosing between a nursing home and assisted living for a loved one, is the potential for their needs to change. The aging process continues and medical conditions progress, adding new limitations and obstacles to everyday living. With senior resort living, everything you need now and in the future is already there. When your living situation changes, you don’t have to change your address. The facility accommodates those with a very active lifestyle and those who can’t participate in the same activities that they did just a few months ago.

Most people aren’t ready to stop living when they hit their 50’s or 60’s. Many want opportunities to interact socially with others in the same phase of life. Resort living gives you access to an exclusive, up-scale lifestyle on your terms. Not only does it eliminate the need to cook your own meals and care for your home and grounds; it provides you with the type of nutritional meals that help you retain your health.

What You Can Do in Senior Resort Living That You Can’t Do At Home

If you’re satisfied reading a book or watching TV, living at home might be right for you until you need elder care. If you want more entertainment, engagement and activities to help you stay healthy and happy, resort-style living can give you the kind of living experience that makes your golden years amazing!

Some of the things you will enjoy with senior resort living at Park Terrace include:

  • Socializing with others your own age during Happy Hours, world affairs discussion groups, card games, and bingo
  • Living in a luxury environment without the demands of keeping up a house
  • Entertainment opportunities like movies, art classes, creative writing, and Happy Hour with an open bar and live entertainment
  • Enjoying outings like trips to museums, shopping excursions, going to casinos and cultural activities
  • Fitness studios and exercise classes for all fitness levels
  • Visiting nearby attractions like golf courses, fine dining, and sporting events

With so many choices, senior living isn’t just for the frail and disabled. Modern, resort-style living offers the choices that any adult would want to enjoy an active, fun lifestyle. Go ahead and make the most of your retirement. You’ve worked for it and nothing is a greater reward than living life to its fullest. If the time comes when you need a higher level of care, it’s right here in your community.

Every day, thousands of seniors wake up to the same challenges that they faced the day before. Imagine waking up every day with beautiful views, perfectly groomed lawns, and no worries about getting anything done. You still have the freedom to spend time doing what matters to you. Whether it’s entertaining your grandchildren at the pool or taking your dog for a walk, the choice is up to you.


Eating for a More Active Lifestyle

Like many other things, eating a healthy diet means something different as you age. Your metabolism slows down, meaning you need to eat fewer calories to maintain your weight. You also need more of certain nutrients. That means getting better nutritional value from the foods you eat. Yet, many seniors fail to eat the healthy diet they need when they live alone.

One common piece of advice is to create a plate that looks like a rainbow. The problem is that most seniors, especially those living alone, don’t spend the time and energy needed to shop for or to create well-balanced meals. Many don’t even have the appetite to eat one full meal each day. Considering what vitamins they are getting three times each day is even less likely. Some of these essential nutrients for seniors include:

– Calcium and Vitamin D

These nutrients help maintain bone health. Some foods such as milk and cereal are fortified with vitamin D and calcium while natural foods like leafy vegetables are also a good source.

– Vitamin B12

This vitamin helps the body make red blood cells and aids in neurological functions. Seniors are especially vulnerable to B12 deficiencies, especially those with certain medical conditions.

– Fiber

Digestion often slows as you age, requiring more dietary fiber to keep you regular. Fiber also helps lower your risk of heart disease and prevents Type 2 diabetes.

– Potassium

Taking potassium helps reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure. Some types of medications reduce potassium in the body. To get plenty, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and beans.

Not only is following a healthy diet challenging for seniors, but changes in their taste buds can also affect their appetite. One way to give food more flavor and make it healthier is by replacing salt with herbs and spices. Many seniors don’t know the importance of a balanced diet that includes low sodium and healthy fats.

Senior resort living makes eating healthy more enjoyable. Enjoy three meals daily, including healthy choices that are prepared by a professional chef. There are always delicious foods to choose from and treats when you want them. You never have to worry about having meals prepared to accommodate your special needs. You have everything you need readily prepared and always delicious.

The Level of Help for Your Needs at Every Stage

It seems like reality never ends up the way you expect it to be. When you’re a child, you dream about being old enough to drive. Once you’re a college student, you can’t wait until you have a great job and start a family of your own. You never think about the potential problems that might get in the way of your plans. Often, the responsibilities end up overriding the enjoyment that many of these milestones might otherwise bring.

Remember when you used to worry about saving for retirement? What about all those plans you made to enjoy more of what you loved? Whether it’s spending more time with your family or relaxing with friends, senior resort living can turn your dreams of post-retirement life into a reality. It’s your last chance to live your life without the worries and responsibilities that have always weighed you down.

The Financial Benefits of Senior Resort Living

If you’ve always struggled to manage your finances, the idea of resort-style living might sound a bit out of your reach. How do you go from living on a budget to living in luxury? But when everything is included in the price of rent, living the resort lifestyle becomes a reality for a lot more people. You always know what you have to pay each month without any surprises popping up.

Often, seniors find that paying taxes on senior living accommodations is a lot cheaper than paying taxes on a single family home. That means you get more of the luxury without paying more.

Why Choose Park Terrace

Park Terrace is a beautiful community that includes all the amenities you want and need for an active lifestyle. Everything is included in one affordable payment. Stop worrying about housekeeping and maintenance, meal preparation, security, or feeling isolated. There are always friends and activities available.

Contact Park Terrace and schedule a tour. See firsthand why senior resort living at Greenway is like living at home, only better!

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